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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Siwan eminent person khuda baksh biography and photo

Siwan Distric, Bihar
Eminent peron of Bihar
Name:  Khuda Baksh Khan
Father's Name:
Date of Birth:  2 August 1842
Birth Place:  Ukhai, Siwan, Bihar, India
Date of Demise:  3 August 1908


He was born in village Ukhai, 6 k.m. from Siwan district on 2nd August 1842 in his parental house. The ancestors of Khuda Baksha were in service of King Alamgir. They were doing the work of book keeping and writing records of the kingdom.

     His father was a famous advocate in Patna. He was very fond of collecting hand written books and he was spending big part of his income on purchasing such books. His father brought Khuda Baksh to Patna from Ukhai. He passed his matriculation with very good marks from the Patna High School in 1859. His father sent him to Calcutta for higher studies. But he could not adjust himself to the new environment and he often had health problems. He returned to Patna and started studying law in Patna University. He completed his law education in 1868 and started practice at Patna. In short time, he became a well known advocate.

     His father expired in 1876, but in his will he has asked his son to establish a public library with the collection of his books nearing around 1700 and making more contribution to the collection. His father aim was to benefit the people of his precious collection.

     In 1877 he became the 1st Vice Chairman of the Patna Municipal Corporation. For his contribution in the area of education and literature he was awarded  the title of "Khan Bahadur" in 1891. In 1903 he was honored with the title of "C.I.B."

      The biggest achievement of Khuda Baksh  was creating a public library from the precious collections of his father and making his own valuable collection of books, which was later named as "Oriental Public Library" He started constructing a separate special building for the library, which was completed in two years. The library was inaugurated by the Lieutenant Governor of Bangal  Sir Charles Elliot in 1891. At that time it was having around 4000 hand written books in the library.

     In 1895, he was appointed as a Chief Justice of High Court of Nizam of Hyderabad.  After staying there for about three years, he again returned to Patna and started the practice. But soon he suffered from the paralysis and he confined his activity only to the library. Due to his illness, he could not carry out his activities. He was given Rs. 8000 for paying his debts and made the secretary of the library and Rs. 200 was sanctioned as a pension to him. He couldnot recovered from the paralysis and the great son of Siwan died on 3rd August 1908.

I.C.D.S. merit list of Static Assts., Accountant-cun-Storkeeper and Office Supt. at Siwan distric bihar

 I.C.D.S. merit list of Static Assts., Accountant-cun-Storkeeper and Office Supt. at Siwan distric bihar
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Tourist place at Saran District details | Famous place at Chapra bihar

1. Aami:-

The place is situated about 37 km east of Chapra and 4 km west of Dighwara. It is said that in ancient times there was a Dirgh dwar near Dighwara Railway station and the place came to be known as Dighwara. In Aami there is an old temple known as Amba asthan . Near the temple there is a garden and a deep and broad well in which water remains all over the year and it never dries up. The believer from far off come to pay oblation in the established in her memory over this Yagya Kunda. The believers from far off come to pay oblation in the Navratra of April and October. Water offered here by lacs of People vanishes in the Kunda.

2. Sonepur:-

Internationally famous for the large fair held on the occasion of Kartik Purnima, it is also the head quarters of Sonepur Anchal. Sonepur is a Nagar Panchayat and is noted for its Railways platform which is one of the largest in India. So far as religious aspect of Sonepur Mela is concerned, special significance is owing to the temple of shree Hariharnath and the site of the battle of Gaj-Grah and rescue of the former by Hari During Kartik Purnima Ganga Snan or ceremonial bathing in the Ganga is held by Hindus to be unusually efficacious. On the day of full moon (Kartik Purnima) immense crowd assembles and take bath. The Mela commences on that day and lasts for more than a fortnight.

The Shiva temple, Kali temple and other temples and historical religious monuments are situated here and social and economical activities are at the highest peak during the Mela period. People come here to pay their oblation to the lords and thus its importance is not within Sonepur of Bihar rather it is of India and world fame.

3. Dhorh Ashram:-

This place is situated towards north of Parsagarh where   many exhibits of archaeological importance can be seen. On the bank of river Gandaki and ancient temple of Bhagwan Dhadheswar nath is situated in which a gigantic Shiv Ling of stone is there

4. Gautam Asthan:-

The Ashram of Gautam Rishi is situated 5 km west of Chapra As per religious belief the purification of Ahalya was meted out here. In the epic Ramayan, there is mention of Gautam Rishi who had cursed his wife who turned into stone.

5. Silhauri:-

This is an important place as per the child Episode of Shiv Puran and Ram charitra Manas. The mohbhan of Narad depicts the place to be here. This ancient place is 28 km away from Marhowra. On every Shivratary mela is organized here during which the devotes of Baba Shilanath come to pay their obeisances.

6. Chirand:-

Chirand is situated 11 km south east of the district headquarter near Doriganj Bazar at the north bank of river Ghaghra. The result of the excavation there reveals about four thousand years old developed culture of Pashan age. Inhabitants of Chirand were engaged in Animal Husbandry, agriculture and hunting. In whole of India new Pashan age culture was firstly revealed here.  Chirand had become an important urban place.

Distric Magistrate of chapra bihar name and details | chapra DM details

Below details od DM of chapra bihar | Distric magistrate chapra details

District Magistrate Saran,Chapra
Name :     Shri Vinay Kumar
Service/Cadre/Allotment Year :     I.A.S.(1999)
Place of Domicile :     BIHAR
Mother Tongue :     Hindi
Indian Languages Known :     HINDI, ENGLISH
Educational Qualification:     M.Sc. (Physics).

J P University chapra M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. (Previous) Examination result 2012

J P University chapra M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. (Previous) Examination result 2012

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Selection List of ICDS Ladies Supervisor, Saran | list of selected ICDS ladies supervisor chapra saran

Selection List of ICDS Ladies Supervisor, Saran | list of selected ICDS ladies supervisor chapra saran
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52,000 teachers appiontmnet will start from 2013 jan fab | update on bihar 52000

52,000 teachers appiontmnet will start from 2013 jan fab | update on bihar 52000

Supplementary list for Tuesday the 21st August 2012 at supreme court of india, issued on 18th August 2012

In the first lot of Supplementary list for Tuesday the 21st August
2012, issued on 18th August 2012, there is a clerical error at page number
10, which is regretted.

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